Why Are Drivers Switching to Electric Cars?

The UK is increasingly switching to electric cars.

Drivers around the UK are choosing electric cars and ditching vehicles which run on fossil fuels. But why? Here we discuss the benefits of going electric.

Cheaper to Run

Slowly but surely, British drivers are switching to electric cars. In 2018, almost 60,000 electric vehicles were purchased in the UK, with predictions for 2019 set to exceed these figures as car prices reduce to become competitive with diesel and petrol cars.

Compared to diesel or petrol, electricity is cheap. On the basis of cost per mile, a pure electric car can cost up to one third less of a traditional diesel or petrol car’s running costs. 

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Easier to Maintain

Diesel or petrol engine is extremely complex and requires many additional components in order to operate correctly, including gears, radiators, oil, fuel injection systems, starter motors, and exhaust systems. 

In contrast, electric cars have only three major components: the motor, inverter and onboard charger, with many fewer moving parts than traditional cars with internal combustion engines.

Maintenance costs and servicing is also simpler and far cheaper with fewer components needing repair. Due to less moving parts in an electric car, there is also less wear and tear on the engine. 

Less Environmental Impact

Electric vehicles have zero exhaust emissions, which improves the air quality, especially at the roadside and in urban areas where quality is particularly poor.

Even when analysing the effect of generating the electricity required to run an electric car, electric vehicles still produce significantly less greenhouse gases than diesel or petrol cars. 

Simple Re-Fuelling

The ability to simply plug a car into your home to be refueled overnight in preparation for the next morning is especially beneficial. Avoiding the queues and expense of endless trips to the petrol station has a positive impact on the lives of electric car drivers across the country. 

Plugging an electric car into the electricity supply is extremely straightforward with a home charging unit, which is also safe and easy. There are even Government grants available towards the installation of such a unit.

Tax Incentives

The Government is heartily encouraging British drivers to switch from fossil-fuelled cars to electric vehicles, which is positive news for those considering buying a new vehicle.

A grant of a maximum £3,500 is available for eligible cars.

Fast and Quiet

Try just one journey in an electric car to appreciate the peacefulness and smooth drive of the vehicle. For instance, hire a Tesla for a corporate event to not only make an entrance but also learn about the newest car technology available on the market and just how impressive this car’s performance is.

The high levels of torque offered by electric engines mean that pressing the accelerator produces an instant and effortless surge of smooth speed, which delivers an impressive driving experience.