Who Is Tesla?

Named after pioneering engineer Nikolai Tesla, the company was founded by a group of electrical engineers in 2003. Tesla launched its first electric car in 2008. This two-seater roadster was, however, just a taste of things to come. In 2012 Tesla released the Model S, an executive saloon designed to target BMW and Mercedes. This shook up the car market, taking electric vehicles into a new market sector and providing serious competition for established players. Since then it’s brought out the Model X SUV, and a family car, the Model 3, is on the way to further extend the appeal of the brand.

Unlike some of the more traditional car-makers, Tesla hasn’t chosen to go down the hybrid route and supplement electric power with a petrol engine in order to extend the range. All Teslas are fully electric vehicles relying on battery power alone for their propulsion. In order to keep its customers free of range anxiety, the company is investing in a network of ‘Supercharger’ fast charging stations across the world. These are able to give a 170-mile boost to the Model S car’s already impressive 300-mile range over the course of a half-hour refreshment break.

Of course, the Model S’s target market is people used to cars with strong performance, and the car is designed not to disappoint in this area. With a top speed of 130 mph and 0-60 acceleration in under five seconds, the Model S has impressive performance.

This balance of performance and range is achieved by clever use of battery technology. Tesla cars have the type of small, high-capacity batteries found in consumer products like smartphones and laptops, combining multiple units together to power the vehicle. Mounting these under the floor also gives a low centre of gravity and makes for strong road-holding and handling.

Other technology isn’t neglected either. The Model S interior features a large touchscreen which provides navigation and other functions. The cars also have an AutoPilot which can detect signs, lane markings and so on, giving the car a limited ability to drive itself.

Tesla Hiring

Tesla has already sold more than 180,000 vehicles around the world, but if your budget won’t stretch to buying one, there is another way to get behind the wheel. Tesla hiring from London company Ev Go lets you get your hands on a Tesla with prices starting from £150.

Both the Model S 85 and the longer-range, four-wheel-drive Model S 90 are available to rent, and the cost includes delivery plus a handover with training so that you can get the most from the vehicle in the time you have it.

Whether you want to hire a Tesla for a special family occasion, to have a vehicle to impress your business clients or just to spend an extended time with the car prior to buying or leasing one, Ev Go will be happy to help. What’s more, they offer a concierge service, which means you don’t have to worry about collecting or returning the car.