Why would you choose a Tesla? How long have you got? They are stunning to look at, they are efficient, reliable and very environmentally friendly, and offer buckets of luxury and technology. Tesla has designed a range of truly ground-breaking electric cars, the Tesla Model S is no exception. It seats five people and the interior is comfortable and spacious. Your eye will be caught by the huge 17-inch touchscreen on the centre fascia, controlling everything from air-conditioning to the height of the air suspension. It has its own IT department giving information on battery charge, energy consumption, the audio system and sat-nav and a mere stroke operates the sunroof, demister and charging port door release. Tesla has designed an innovative system known as autopilot which allows the car to steer within a lane, change lanes, adapt speed to traffic conditions and scan for and parallel park automatically. It uses a lithium-ion cell battery with a capability of 90kWh which can be charged either at home on a regular 11kW socket or at one of the many supercharging stations found around the country. This gives the car a driving range of 222 miles on a full charge on a typical motorway run.


Tesla rental in London gives you options to see the sites, attend business meetings, airport pick-ups, weddings or prom nights or just a night out at the theatre followed by a meal in a stylish restaurant. If you have never been behind the wheel of a Tesla before, you are definitely in for a treat. They are cars designed to be driven and produce 0-60 in 2.8 seconds, which is faster than most famous sports cars. The dual motors on the Model S independently and digitally control torque to the front and rear wheels, giving unrivalled control of traction, making it the most capable road holding and handling vehicle ever produced. The Tesla has a spacious interior, easily accommodating three adults in the main rear seats, and because there is no engine, you get two boots. The one in the front is capable of holding a couple of suitcases, while the back one is simply enormous. With no gears to worry about, just point the Tesla in the direction you want to go, the instant response from the electric motors make overtaking easy and with the strong regenerative braking, slowing down means you simply lift your foot from the accelerator to shed any meaningful speed.


The next generation of Tesla is about to come off the production line with the Tesla Model 3, which combines safety, performance and spaciousness in an affordable saloon car. The car has a 215-mile range per charge, an acceleration of 0-60 in 6 seconds and seating for five adults and is designed to achieve a 5-star safety rating. With a starting price of £27,000, it is set to be the most affordable zero-emission electric car on the market.
This car is not just for the wealthy, it can be rented by anyone who has good taste.