Tesla Motors was first created in 2003 by two entrepreneurs, Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard in Silicon Valley. It was named after the inventor Nikola Tesla. It was originally formed to develop an electric sports car. They wanted to show that electric cars were better than petrol-powered cars, and their mission is to encourage the world’s switch-over to sustainable energy.


The Tesla Roadster was released in 2008, setting a new standard for electric mobility with acceleration of 0-60mph in under four seconds and managing around 245 miles between charges. The Roadster went on to sell 2400 vehicles in 30 countries. Following this success, the Model S was launched in 2012, the world’s first luxury electric saloon. The car can seat seven passengers and has a storage capacity of around 64 cubic feet. The lithium ion battery pack is built into the chassis below the cabin, and a low centre of gravity enables exceptional handling and road holding. It provides around 265 miles between charges. The car was a great success and achieved Motor Trends Car of the Year in 2013 and was awarded a five-star safety rating from the US National Highway Safety Traffic Administration. The car was later improved in 2014, when Elon Musk, the CEO, launched the all-wheel-drive dual-motor versions, further improving performance and handling.


The Tesla Company is expanding into other areas, and it is in the process of constructing a gigafactory in Nevada which will continue the production of the lithium-ion batteries but also facilitate the production of the third-generation Model 3. This new car is due to be launched in a few months time and is going to be a more affordable vehicle for the mass market. Like its predecessors, it is a stunning-looking car with four doors and five seats and is intended to sell the masses on electric propulsion.


Time will tell, but in the meantime renting one of these supercars has never been easier. Rental companies can be found all over the UK, so what would you expect to experience with a Tesla rental? A Tesla is a driver’s car, with two motors giving you unparalleled traction control in all weather conditions. And traffic aware cruise control and digital control of motor brakes and steering put this car in a league of its own. With supercharging stations strategically placed throughout the UK, recharging has never been easier. Twenty minutes will give you a 50% charge – the time it takes to get a coffee and toilet break.

Many companies rent Tesla cars for their visiting executive staff, wishing to promote sustainable motoring by using zero-emissions electric cars. It is also an exhilarating experience to drive one of these cars and know what it feels like to be a celebrity for the day. You can hire one for a special occasion or as a treat for a loved one. The cars are sheer luxury inside and out and provide comfort and stress-free driving. So why not try out one of the world’s best cars and hire a Tesla?