These beautiful cars are available from many outlets throughout the UK for hire daily or longer. It is possible for a car to be available from any airport, so your journey can continue without a hitch. Whether you are a business person travelling to a meeting or you’re hiring a car for a weekend away, Tesla hiring will bring you the wow factor. The insurance will be included in the hire agreement, so if you’re over 25, you literally show your driving licence and away you go. With up to 303 miles on a single charge, the Tesla will get you to your destination more quickly and safely than any conventional car. People who have hired a Tesla in the past are always drawn back to them, because once you have driven one of these luxury cars, you won’t want to drive anything else.


The beauty of hiring a Tesla is there are no fuel costs, as free charging is included in the hire contract. If you live or work in the London area, there are no congestion charges. Tesla has an impressive range of vehicles, in part due to the level of technology that the company has built into these cars. The luxurious cabin is a relaxed and comfortable environment, which is packed with innovative features. The 7000 lithium-ion battery cells provide the power to travel between 275 to 303 miles between charges, and the acceleration and performance are both quiet and powerful. Charging stations are popping up all over the UK, which means you won’t need to worry about running out of power. It only takes the time you need to drink a coffee and have a break to half charge your vehicle.


Tesla hiring is easy, so let’s check out the models available. Model S has been voted America’s favourite car, and looks like a conventional stylish executive car. When you get inside, the technology is incredible. A massive 17-inch touchscreen dominates the dashboard, acting as the hub for everything you will want to do in the car, from handling, power management, voice control, controlling the air conditioning, adjusting the ride, raising and lowering the sunroof, using Google maps and playing music. The 3G connection even enables you to browse the web. It has an all glass sliding roof and retractable door handles and either side of the steering wheel are controls for audio volume, temperature and opening the roof. The Model X has all of the above, but also has a dual motor all-wheel drive, top speed of 155 MPH and 0-60 in 4.2 seconds. It seats 5 adults, with an option for a third row of seats, for a further 2 adult passengers, and it has a space capacity of 88 cubic feet with further storage in the front trunk.

There is no other car that signifies innovation like a Tesla. These cars are now seen on our roads more often, and for good reason, as they are style personified and win the EV race outright.