Business Insider UK reports that preparatory versions of the upcoming Tesla Model 3 will be built within the next month, allowing the firm to perfect the process required to put this range into mass production later in 2017.

The Model 3 was announced in March last year and is intended to come in at a much lower price point than its existing stable mates such as the Model S and Model X. Its rivals will be traditional compact executive stalwarts like the BMW 3 Series, but it will have the edge over these rivals thanks to its all-electric power train and many of Tesla’s exclusive features.

High Expectations

The arrival of this EV has arguably been more highly anticipated than any other car of this kind, with over 373,000 people around the world placing pre-orders for it after it was unveiled by Tesla founder Elon Musk.

All of these prospective customers were willing to commit $1,000 (£799) to secure their place on the order books for the Model 3, with the first deliveries expected to take place in late 2017.

There is no doubt there is a lot riding on the success of this model, although there are fears that it may push Tesla to its limits because of the sheer demand that is anticipated.

Fears and Realities

The Model 3 will not only be a popular choice for car buyers, but should also appeal to those looking for Tesla hiring opportunities in the UK. However the reason that delays are expected is that the firm has a track record in this respect.

The Model X, its most recent unveiling aside from the Model 3, hit the market almost three years after it was expected to land, and while this might not inspire much confidence in customers, sources quoted by Reuters suggest that all could be well for its next launch.

Full production is expected to begin on the Model 3 in July this year, helping Tesla to ramp up its output to almost half a million cars by the end of 2018. This total will include all of its models, not just its cut price saloon, but is still an ambitious and apparently achievable target.

The good news for those with Tesla hiring or buying on their mind is that the Model 3 is a car that has been created based on the lessons that the company has learned after making mistakes in the past. As a result, building it should be quicker and simpler, lessening the likelihood of delays.

The underpinnings of the Model 3 are fashioned from steel, avoiding the expensive and time consuming use of aluminium that has defined all earlier models. Similar alterations to make things easier are also expected in the cabin, although flagship features such as the Autopilot self-driving service will remain intact.

If Tesla manages to hit its targets and fulfil the hundreds of thousands of orders that have already been placed for the Model 3, then it will demonstrate its maturity as an automaker.