Enjoy the luxury of being chauffeur driven

Being chauffeur driven is the perfect way to enjoy a little bit of luxury. Whether you require picking up from an airport or want to arrive at your destination in style, being chauffeur driven takes a headache out of traveling in your own car or by public transport. Combine this with choosing to travel in an electric car and you will also be doing your bit for the environment.

Don’t buy!

Plug-in electric vehicles – or EVs – are not just fun and practical. They also reduce emissions – a hot topic in today’s world – and can save you money.

Take the tour

Fuelling with electricity offers some fabulous advantages over the conventional internal combustion engine. They react efficiently, are super responsive and have very good torque. They are also more digitally connected than many conventional vehicles.

Avoid costly fuel prices

One of the great things about electric vehicles is that they aren’t at the mercy of fuel price rises and occasional supply disruptions. This means that when you are being chauffeur driven you won’t be breaking the bank.

Greener travel

Importantly, EVs such as the popular Tesla also help to reduce emissions that, as we all know, have a devastating impact on climate change, smog and ecological damage; this in turn has an impact on public health. Hiring the services of a chauffeur rather than buying is even better!

Low maintenance

Whether you go down the Tesla chauffeur service driving route, hire or buy, electric cars are known for their low maintenance. As they run on electrically powered engines there is no need to lubricate the engines. Expensive engine work is, therefore, a thing of the past! In short, the maintenance cost of these cars is minimal.

Have a safe journey

Electric cars undergo the same rigorous testing procedures as all other fuel powered cars. In the event of an accident, for example, airbags will be activated and, importantly, the electricity supply cut from the battery. This can prevent you and other passengers travelling in the car from serious injuries.

The way forward

There’s a wide range of information out there about hybrid cars. In essence a hybrid car is one that uses more than one means of propulsion, combining a normal petrol – or diesel – engine with an electric motor. Most feature a car battery pack. Perfectly suited to driving in heavy traffic, they offer sophistication and a touch of luxury. Of course, the cost of purchasing a hybrid car can be prohibitive for some, so why not be chauffeur driven in one instead?


Being chauffeur driven in an electric car is the perfect option for both business and personal travel; not only does the electric car showcase social responsibility, but it also offers a first class driving experience and absolute reliability. It helps to avoid the stress and headache of driving yourself, allowing you not only to travel in style, but arrive in style too. Think refreshed and ready to go; think Tesla chauffeur service.